The sapphire ring, at first glance, presents itself as a simple and elegant design. Yet, its journey through production is far from simple. This intricate process entails several stages, beginning with the conception and selection of the perfect concept to complement the stone. Each component is meticulously designed, and wax models are created, individually shaping each piece according to the overall design. These components are then cast from precious materials, demanding an immense amount of attention and time investment.

The meticulous attention to detail extends to the metalwork, where every element is painstakingly refined to achieve the intended appearance. A flawless, shining surface is meticulously crafted to seamlessly meld into the graceful shape of the ring. As the ring advances, it enters the meticulous and demanding setting stage, which requires extensive experience, profound knowledge, and exceptional patience.

Upon completion of the setting process, the rare 6-carat natural Ceylon Sapphire and Canadian Diamond take their positions. The final step in this journey involves our master goldsmith, who imparts a radiant luster to every facet of his creation. This transformative process is a testament to our commitment to creating a masterpiece that marries exquisite design with exceptional craftsmanship.