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Jiliaev Jewellery Collection offers an exhilarating four-stage process for crafting your custom jewelry

  • Begin with a consultation with our award-winning designer, where you can discuss your preferences and ideas.
  • Select and approve the design that captures your vision and meets your expectations.
  • Witness and experience your jewelry as it takes shape in wax form, giving you a tangible preview of the final piece.
  • Finally, behold the extraordinary, one-of-a-kind product, meticulously crafted exclusively for you.

At Jiliaev Jewellery, we take pride in creating unique and personalized pieces that reflect your style and individuality. Join us on this exciting journey to bring your dream jewelry to life.

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We are delighted to undertake a wide range of assignments, including crafting engagement rings, matching wedding bands, everyday jewelry, pieces suitable for casual, formal, or special occasions, and even red-carpet-worthy designs.

To make further inquiries or schedule an appointment, please provide your information using the form below. We are eager to assist you!


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