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Introducing the Custom Engagement Ring Service:

At our esteemed Jiliaev Jewellery Collection showroom in Toronto, Ontario, we take great pride in offering an exquisite selection of Engagement rings. Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes you have a unique vision for your dream ring, and we, the Jiliaev Jewellery Team, are here to provide our professional services to bring that vision to life.

With our award-winning designer at your disposal, we offer personalized consultations where you can express your special dreams and preferences. From realistic drawings to wax modeling and finally, the creation of your bespoke ring, we guide you through every step of the jewelry designing process. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring your custom-made engagement ring surpasses all expectations.

Allow us to craft the ring of your dreams, elevating it with an extra touch. Relieve yourself of any stress as we bring our utmost expertise to manifest your vision. The Jiliaev Jewellery team is dedicated to assisting you in crafting a design of exceptional quality.

To make further inquiries or schedule an appointment, please provide your information using the form below. We are eager to assist you!


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