In 1958, the late Victor Jiliaev founded the Jiliaev Jewellery tradition. Taking inspiration from the world famous “Faberge Eggs,” he later passed on his vision to Iouri Jiliaev, his son, who himself was commissioned to replicate the museum jewellery pieces.

Iouri continues to garner awards for his work as a master goldsmith and is the co-founder of Jiliaev Jewellery Collection with permanent residency in Toronto. The utilization of raw gems and authentic material has always inspired Iouri’s work.

Like his father, he has been developing his own techniques over decades. He stringently focuses on quality, intricacies and vivid projection to the ever-increasing insatiable demands for one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Iouri Jiliaev
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Andrei Jiliaev is the eldest son of master goldsmith Iouri Jiliaev and an award-winning designer both in jewellery and architecture. At the moment, Andrei is the resident designer for Jiliaev Jewellery in Toronto.

Over the years, he has amassed a long list of highly esteemed clientele that includes the heads of various states and countries, celebrities, luminaries and most recently, the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Andrei’s professional career started at the very young age of 20 when he began designing high-end bridal and statement jewellery for Kurt Wayne, Frederic Goldman and Hearts on Fire.

Anderi Jiliaev
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Peter Jiliaev is the son of master goldsmith Iouri Jiliaev and the model/engineer for Jiliaev Jewellery Collection. He is an integral part of every project that goes through the jewellery design team, which is based out of Toronto.

Peter has the unique role of transforming designs to be practical and innovative while overcoming the challenges, complexities and individual techniques that apply to each singular design.

Peter’s contributions to the Jiliaev Jewellery Collection have helped bring the team one step closer to opening a new retail location in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core.

Peter Jiliaev