Inspired by the effervescent beauty of nature.

A captivating narrative of nature's remarkable life cycle unfolds in this exquisite design. Eleven monarch butterflies, adorned with 410 vibrant sapphires, dance gracefully around a diamond-studded globe that spins with enchanting beauty. This whimsical masterpiece earned the esteemed Award of Excellence from Canadian Jeweller in 2018, a testament to its outstanding design.

The multi-hued procession of Monarchs creates a striking contrast against the sparkling "Earth" they encircle. This captivating scene is upheld by a dazzling shank composed of intricately intertwined diamonds, seamlessly converging with the globe. The combined weight of the diamonds and globe reaches an impressive 8 carats, symbolizing the atmospheric currents that guide these migratory butterflies to their destination.

Meticulously handcrafted, this masterpiece is brought to life through the harmonious union of 19k imperial white gold, along with the resplendent shades of 18k yellow and rose gold.


Drawn from the vibrant and effervescent beauty of nature.

This striking creation is born from a deep fascination with scorpions, resulting in a bold and gracefully flowing handmade ring. At its heart lies an impressive 18.5 mm golden South Sea pearl, meticulously set within an exquisite frame of 18k yellow gold and adorned with delicate accent of 19k imperial white gold.

The Yellow gold shank of this extraordinary piece is adorned with a captivating row of natural Burmese rubies, totaling 1.03 carats, and complemented by the allure of natural black diamonds, which amount to 0.60 carats. The seamless integration of these precious gemstones produces a dramatic and visually arresting tri-color effect, ensuring that the "Scorpion" Pearl Ring stands as a testament to both artistry and sophistication.


Infused with the magnetic energy of the moon.

At its heart, this captivating masterpiece showcases a magnificent 16mm South Sea Pearl, cradled within a pavé ocean of glistening blue sapphires, totaling 3.9 carats. These 300 precious gems create a shimmering backdrop for the pearl, mirroring the moon's gentle glow upon the ocean's surface. The pearl's ethereal radiance is further accentuated by 1.5 carats of diamonds, set in 19k Imperial white gold that cascades down the shank.

The ring's design is a poetic ode to nature, with continuous flowing lines adorning the front and back, reminiscent of branches sculpted in 18k yellow gold. Upon closer inspection, these branches create an illusion of the moon framed by trees, as if one were peering through the forest canopy. The interplay of light is exquisite, as it permeates the pearl and dances through the branches, mirroring the moon's shape. The high-polished gold enhances this play of light, forging a seamless connection between design and reality.

It's worth noting that "Moonlight" was awarded Best Pearl Design at the prestigious Great Jewellery Heist event in 2016, a testament to its exceptional artistry and elegance.


Inspired by the promise and grace of early morning.

This exquisite piece captures the essence of a new day's potential, inspired by the magnetic energy of the moon. The ring features three-dimensional golden "blades" that gracefully follow the contours of the finger, resembling the gentle brushing of grass. These layers of gold are adorned with 117 brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 2.15 carats, creating a sparkling aura. Nestled among this golden foliage are 14 vivid blue sapphires, totaling 2 carats, each varying in color intensity, resembling delicate dewdrops glistening on the supporting leaves.

Handcrafted in 19k imperial white gold, this ring is a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and nature. It draws its inspiration from the serene mornings spent traversing the lush coastal paths and mountain meadows of British Columbia. In these early hours, nature reveals its beauty with crystal-clear dewdrops clinging to the foliage, creating a visual symphony of clarity and harmony. The "Morning Dew" Ring captures this moment, where clear lines of separation coexist with the perfect balance of natural elements.


Infused with the blooming grace of nature's flowers.

Drawing inspiration from the graceful unfurling of a flower, we present the "Flower Bud" fashion ring. This exquisite creation is meticulously handcrafted in 18k rose gold, adorned with delicate 19k imperial white gold petals. Its centerpiece is a resplendent 22-carat golden citrine, radiating warmth and elegance.

The ring is further accentuated by 64 round brilliant-cut intense pink sapphires, adding a captivating burst of color. To complete this symphony of beauty, 104 round brilliant-cut natural Canadian diamonds adorn the piece, lending their scintillating brilliance.

With its floral-inspired design and a harmonious blend of gemstones, the "Flower Bud" ring is a true masterpiece that celebrates the beauty and grace of nature. Winner of the prestigious "Best Colored Gem Design of the Year" accolade.


Drawing inspiration from a timeless era of classic simplicity and geometric elegance.

Allow your imagination to flourish as classic shapes inspire elegant designs. These dazzling earrings showcase genuine Australian South Sea pearls, a rare and exquisite find at 17mm in size. Meticulously crafted with utmost attention to detail, they are forged from 19k imperial white gold.

To further enhance their beauty and simplicity, 268 natural Canadian diamonds grace these earrings, creating a mesmerizing play of light and sparkle. The design is so impeccably executed that no visible metal disrupts the brilliance of these precious gems. These earrings are a true testament to the marriage of simplicity and sophistication in jewelry design.