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At Jiliaev Jewellery Showroom, we offer a wide array of jewelry services, including comprehensive repair solutions. With our skilled goldsmiths working on-site, you can trust that your precious jewelry needing repairs will never leave our studio premises. Our repair services encompass a range of common issues, such as repairing worn-down claws, fixing broken rings, resizing, chain repairs, and restorations.

Moreover, our highly experienced master goldsmith is adept at handling even the most intricate and challenging repairs. We take pride in accepting repair jobs that other jewelers might consider impossible, and we are also skilled in rectifying poorly repaired jewelry. With our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your treasured pieces are in capable hands at our showroom.

Bring your unique jewelry for a thorough inspection and cleaning. We'll carefully examine if any stones are loose and check the integrity of all the claws and prongs. Additionally, we'll address any dullness caused by exposure to soaps and oils, giving your precious pieces a brilliant sparkle.
Does your piece of jewelry appear worn out? We can revitalize it with our cleaning, re-polishing, and refinishing services. Our expert team will carefully inspect the piece, removing any dings and scratches, restoring the edges to their original sharpness. Additionally, we can recreate a sandblast or satin finish and bring back the beauty of any engraving or milgrain detailing.
When white gold jewelry starts to lose its original bright white appearance, it indicates the need for a fresh rhodium plating. We offer a service to clean, re-polish, and restore your jewels to a brilliant shine followed by the application of a new rhodium finish.
Variations in ring fit are a common occurrence, as they may feel loose or snug throughout the day due to changes in body temperature and water retention. Accepting these natural fluctuations is crucial to being satisfied with the ring's fit. We provide ring sizing services to ensure a comfortable and secure fit without leaving marks on your finger or causing discomfort during regular wear. Rings can be sized up or down based on the individual's preference and needs. It's essential to have a properly sized ring to prevent discomfort and ensure the ring stays securely in place during everyday wear. Our professional jewelers can perform ring sizing using various techniques, including stretching or compressing the metal, adding or removing metal, or using ring sizing inserts.
Do you happen to have a delicate antique or vintage ring that requires a new shank? Perhaps you've inherited a piece you'd cherish wearing, but it seems too fragile? We can reinforce the durability of this delicate ring by replacing its bottom half with a new one. This procedure is often performed to enhance the ring's durability, especially if the original shank is thin, worn out, or damaged. By re-shanking a ring, it can regain its structural integrity and continue to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. It's essential to keep in mind that the complexity of the ring design can impact the level of difficulty involved in the re-shanking process.
Prongs responsible for securing a stone in its setting are highly susceptible to damage. With limited metal content, they gradually wear thin over time. It is crucial to have a strong and well-maintained setting to ensure the safety of your stone. Re-tipping is the process of repairing or restoring the worn-out or damaged tips of the prongs that hold a gemstone in its setting. This procedure involves adding new metal to the worn areas, reinforcing and ensuring the prongs can securely grasp the stone once again. By re-tipping the prongs, the setting's integrity is maintained, and the gemstone remains safely in place.
Over time, it is common for stones, especially small ones, to become loose in their settings. If any stones are lost, we can find a replacement with the same material or something as close as possible to match what you have lost.
We offer a stone reset service, wherein we assess the current condition of the setting. Based on our evaluation, we will decide whether it requires rebuilding or can be repaired to securely hold the stone once more. Once the setting is appropriately restored, we will proceed with securing the stone back in place.
Certainly, we offer the service of re-cutting or re-polishing your damaged or scratched stone. Before proceeding with the repair, we will carefully examine the type and extent of the damage to determine the potential outcome after the restoration process. This assessment will help us ensure that the stone's appearance and quality are optimally restored.
If you have a special piece of vintage or antique jewelry that requires some restoration, our skilled master goldsmiths are here to help. With their experience in handling intricate and delicate jewelry repairs, they can work on even the most challenging restoration projects. We would be delighted to assess your cherished piece and provide you with a detailed evaluation. Our goal is to enhance and improve the piece, bringing it back to its former glory. Feel free to entrust your special jewelry to us, and we'll make sure to give it the love and attention it deserves.
Indeed, remodeling your existing jewelry presents an excellent opportunity to refresh and update old pieces that you may not have worn in a while. Our custom designing services cater to various needs, including remodeling, repurposing, and resetting your existing gemstones that have been tucked away in drawers for years. Whether you want to breathe new life into an heirloom or give a modern twist to a classic piece, our skilled team can assist you in creating a unique and personalized design. By combining your cherished gems with fresh ideas, we aim to craft jewelry that holds sentimental value while suiting your current style preferences. Don't let your precious gems sit idle; let us help you transform them into stunning pieces you'll love to wear again and again.
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